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Words are boring.

Here are our visualisations.


Client: Statistics New Zealand

The Consumer Price Index is NZ's official measure of inflation.

How can changes in each category be shown within the context of the importance (weight) of each category?


Client: University of Auckland

If a test for diabetes is 80% accurate, what proportion of people who test positive actually have diabetes?

This trick question has real implications for public health. This teaching tool visually explains the relationships between the measures.


Client: National Business Review

It's hard to make sense of complexity, but it's harder to make sense of a vast formless sea of data.

HotTree structures large datasets (like a national budget) into a searchable, traversable structure.

Why visualise?


Guide your audience through complex data at their own pace with a data-driven interactive story.


Highlight what's important to your audience. Help them find the insights that're valuable to them.


Instantly slice & dice data across multiple dimensions, traverse hierarchies, time series and more.

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